Triton RL 5000 ATM Machine

Triton’s PC platform RL5000 ATM Machine is changing the way banks and credit unions think about ATMs. The Triton RL5000 offers a stunning 10.4-inch LCD display, and features open architecture, emulation and TCP/IP communications, all at a much lower cost than other PC-based machines.

This revolutionary configuration offers vendor independence through the XFS specification, and Triton’s Prism™ ATM software provides banks with a simple HTML interface for customized screen content.

In addition to its low price, the RL5000 also offers an extremely low cost of operation, making it an ideal choice for bank or credit union off-premise locations . There’s not another PC ATM on the market that offers the level of performance and cost-competitiveness delivered by the Triton RL5000.

Our fleet of ATM’s are made up of Hyosung’s and Triton’s – two of the most respected and reliable ATMs in the market. We also can provide custom solutions for specific client needs such as drive-thru ATM’s or “in-wall” outdoor ATMs. We perform regular maintenance on our ATM’s so you don’t have to worry about your ATM being “down” and can focus on running your business…

PDF – Triton RL5000 Fact Sheet

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